Maternal Obesity is Associated with Sedentary Behavior, Increased Sleep Duration, and Heightened Obesity Risk in Female Offspring.

Kışlal, Sezen
Maesner, Claire
Edlow, Andrea G.
67th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society-for-Reproductive-Investigation (SRI)


Maternal obesity-associated reduction in offspring mesolimbic dopamine signaling correlates with sex-specific overeating and obesity risk
Jin, William; Kışlal, Sezen; Maesner, Claire; Edlow, Andrea G. (2020-01-01)
Maternal personality characteristics, affective state, and psychopathology in relation to children's attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder and comorbid symptoms
Evinç, Ş. Gülin; Gençöz, Tülin; Department of Psychology (2004)
This study aimed to examine the association between specific maternal characteristics (i.e., parents̕ personality, depression, anxiety, affective state, and coping strategies) and childhood ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), and Conduct Disorder (CD) symptoms in children with and without the diagnosis of ADHD. Method: Data was obtained from 231 subjects including mothers of 77 children who were just diagnosed by Child Mental Health Departments of Hacettepe University or IMGE Child Mental Health Cent...
Maternal cardiovascular function and risk of intrapartum fetal compromise in women undergoing induction of labor: pilot study
Kalafat, E.; Barratt, I.; Nawaz, A.; Thilaganathan, B.; Khalil, A. (Wiley, 2020-08-01)
Objective Identification of the fetus at risk of intrapartum compromise has many benefits. Impaired maternal cardiovascular function is associated with placental hypoperfusion predisposing to intrapartum fetal distress. The aim of this study was to assess the predictive accuracy of maternal hemodynamics for the risk of operative delivery due to presumed fetal compromise in women undergoing induction of labor (IOL). Methods In this prospective cohort study, patients were recruited between November 2018 and J...
Maternal phyogeopgraphy of brown bears (Ursus Arctos) and testing the utility of non-invasive genetic samples
Çilingir, Fatma Gözde; Bilgin, Cemal Can; Department of Biology (2012)
The genetic diversity and phylogeography of brown bear maternal lineages have been studied extensively over the last two decades. In this study the genetic diversity and maternal phylogeography of non-invasively sampled 35 brown bears, including 5 captive individuals were reported from Turkey. In addition to the optimization of DNA extraction from hair, faeces and old skin samples and their PCRs, Bayesian phylogenetic analyses based on a 269 bp long piece of bear mitochondrial DNA were conducted and 14 nove...
Maternal employment and children's school achievement : a multidimensional and motivational model
Karacan, Eda; Kazak Berument, Sibel; Department of Psychology (2000)
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S. Kışlal, C. Maesner, and A. G. Edlow, “Maternal Obesity is Associated with Sedentary Behavior, Increased Sleep Duration, and Heightened Obesity Risk in Female Offspring.,” Vancouver, Kanada, 2020, vol. 27, Accessed: 00, 2022. [Online]. Available: