Flavonoid grubu maddelerin antioksidan özellikleri

Başağa, Hüveyda
Açıkel, Funda
Tekkaya, Ceren
Aras, İdil


Synthesis and characterization of fluorene-type and hydrogenated amorphous carbon thin films in RF and DC glow discharges
Mansuroğlu, Doğan; Bilikmen, Kadri Sinan; Department of Physics (2015)
Fluorene (C13H10)-type and hydrogenated amorphous carbon (a-C:H) thin films were synthesized under a capacitively coupled single radio frequency (RF) and a direct current (DC) plasma systems. In the first system, the RF plasma reactor, circular parallel plate electrodes were used; the upper electrode was connected to 13.56 MHz RF power while the lower electrode was grounded. To control the positive ion bombardment, a negative bias voltage was applied between the holder of the substrate and the wall of the c...
Synthesis of chlorotoxin and its derivatives as enzyme inhibitors
Kesici, Mehmet Seçkin; Özçubukçu, Salih; Özen, Can; Department of Chemistry (2017)
Over the last decades, peptides have been heavily studied and proven beneficial in drug industry due to their high selectivity and potency compared to small organic molecules. A biologically and pharmaceutically significant peptide, chlorotoxin (CLTX), is one of the important peptide used in cancer studies. It is a neurotoxin, isolated from the venom matrix of Israeli Scorpion, Leirius quinquestriatus and it contains 36 amino acids and four disulfide bridges at a molecular mass of about 4 kDa. CLTX is mostl...
Synthesis and electrochemical studies of fluorene and benzimidazole containing conjugated polymers
Namal, İmge; Toppare, Levent Kamil; Arslan Udum, Yasemin; Department of Chemistry (2013)
The synthesis and characterization of two donor acceptor type conjugated polymers were investigated. The electrochemical properties were examined using cyclic voltammetry, spectroelectrochemistry and kinetic studies. The increase in the alkyl chain length attached to the fluorene unit was investigated by the corresponding electrochemical characteristics. The synthesis was carried out via Stille coupling of 4,7- dibromo-4'-(tert-butyl)spiro[benzo[d]imidazole-2,1' cyclohexane] and 2,5- bis(tributylstannyl)thi...
Flotasyonla şelitin kalsitten ayrılması
Doğan, Zeki; Özbayoğlu, Gülhan; Hiçyılmaz, Cahit(1987)
Performance evaluation of flexray networks for in-vehicle communication
Demirci, Ali; Schmidt, Şenan Ece; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2009)
The increasing use of electronic components in today’s automobiles demands more powerful in-vehicle network communication protocols. FlexRay protocol, which is expected be the de-facto standard in the near future, is a deterministic, fault tolerant and fast protocol designed for in vehicle communication. In the near future, safety critical X-by-Wire applications will be available in the automobiles and FlexRay networks can be used to provide communication for the Electronic Control Units (ECUs) that perform...
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