Reactive Transport Modeling of CO2 Injection into Kızıldere Geothermal Field

Küçük, Serhat
EROL, Selçuk
Saraçoğlu, Önder
Akın, Serhat


Cetin, A.; Bilgin, H. F.; Acik, A.; Deinirc, T.; Kose, K. N.; Terclyanli, A.; Gultekin, B.; Aksoy, N.; Mutluer, B.; Cardirci, I.; Ermiş, Muammer; Ongan, K.; Akinci, N. (2007-09-27)
This paper discusses feasibility of conventional and fully static reactive power compensation techniques used in the solution of power quality problems of coal conveyor belt drives and also describes the features and field performance of the Distribution type Static Synchronous Compensator (D-STATCOM) prototypes in such applications. They are composed of 2-level, 3-leg Voltage/Current Source Converters (VSC/CSC), low-pass input filters and Delta / Y connected coupling transformers to allow their connection ...
Reactive processing of styrene-maleic anhydride and epoxy functionalized polymer blends
Bayram, G; Yılmazer, Ülkü; Xanthos, M (1999-05-06)
The reaction of styrene-maleic anhydride (SMA) with polyethylene/methyl acrylate/glycidyl methacrylate (E-MA-GMA) was studied in a batch mixer and in a corotating twin screw extruder. Also, the mixing of a nonreactive blend of SMA with polyethylene/methyl acrylate (E-MA), with similar rheological properties to E-MAG-MA, was studied under the same processing conditions. The mixing products of reactive and nonreactive systems exhibited drastically different properties. Reactive blends showed higher tensile mo...
Reactive processing and characterization of anhydride/hydroxyl and anhydride/epoxy functionalized blends
Bayram, Göknur; Yılmazer, Ülkü; Department of Chemical Engineering (1999)
Reactive power compensation of rapidly fluctuating unbalanced loads by thryristor switched capacitors.
Keşküs, Seyfettin; Department of Electrical Engineering (1985)
Reactive extrusion of poly(ethylene terephthalate)-(ethylene/methyl acrylate/glycidyl methacrylate)-organoclay nanocomposites
Alyamac, Elif; Yılmazer, Ülkü (Wiley, 2007-04-01)
This study was conducted to investigate the effects of component concentrations and addition order of the components on the final properties of ternary nanocomposites composed of poly(ethylene terephthalate), organoclay, and an ethylene-methyl acrylate-glycidyl methacrylate (E-MA-GMA) terpolymer acting as an impact modifier for PET. In this context, first, the optimum amount of the impact modifier was determined by melt compounding binary PET-terpolymer blends in a corotating twin-screw extruder. The amount...
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S. Küçük, S. EROL, A. BAŞER, T. AKIN, Ö. Saraçoğlu, and S. Akın, “Reactive Transport Modeling of CO2 Injection into Kızıldere Geothermal Field,” presented at the 11th European Geothermal PhD Day, Denizli, Türkiye, 2020, Accessed: 00, 2022. [Online]. Available: