Experimental and Finite Element Analysis of Rotary Draw Tube Bending Process

Dere, Fatih
Darendeliler, Haluk
7th International Conference and Exhibition on Design and Production of Machines and Dies/Molds


Experimental and finite element analysis of rotary draw tube bending process
Dere, Fatih; Darendeliler, Haluk; İder, Kemal; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2014)
Rotary draw bending, which has very good flexibility and easy tooling, is one of the most preferred bending types for tubular profiles. Cross-section distortion and the spring-back phenomena are commonly faced problems in bending processes. Spring-back is the inevitable problem that is to be solved by manufacturer, generally by overbending. For hollow tubes cross-section distortion is another difficulty since using hollow tubes results in higher strain rates and distortions. During the process the thickness...
Experimental and numerical study of process-induced total spring-in of corner-shaped composite parts
Cicek, K. Furkan; Erdal Erdoğmuş, Merve; Kayran, Altan (2017-07-01)
Process-induced total spring-in of corner-shaped composite parts manufactured via autoclave-forming technique using unidirectional prepreg is studied both numerically and experimentally. In the numerical study, a three-dimensional finite element model which takes into account the cure shrinkage of the resin, anisotropic material properties of the composite part and the tool-part interaction is developed. The outcome of the numerical model is verified experimentally. For this purpose, U-shaped composite part...
Experimental and three dimensional numerical analysis of cylindrical solar cooling adsorbent beds with circular heat exchange coils
Gözükara, Arif Cem; Yamalı, Cemil; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2016)
In this study three dimensional cylindrical adsorbent bed designs with circular heat transfer fluid paths had been investigated numerically and experimentally. Three dimensional high fidelity numerical coupled heat and mass transfer analyses of the proposed design alternatives are performed. Numerical analysis results are compared with the results of experiments using the temperature distributions within the adsorbent bed. In addition to geometric design features, effects of initial adsorption capacity, hea...
Experimental and analytical analysis of in situ combustion processes
Aybak, Tuğrul; Bağcı, Ali Suat; Department of Petroleum Engineering (1992)
Experimental and computational investigation of hydrokinetic turbine
Güneş, Anıl; Yavuz, Mehmet Metin; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2022-8)
The answer to the increasing amount of energy consumption, mostly in carbon-based energy sources can be found in water and through the wind. The investigation of a special drag-based cross-flow hydrokinetic turbine (referred to as a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine for wind energy applications) called Savonius, is the main purpose of this study. Both experimentally and computationally studying this high self-starting ability turbine will open up the way to small-size energy production with very small water and wi...
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F. Dere, H. Darendeliler, and S. K. İDER, “Experimental and Finite Element Analysis of Rotary Draw Tube Bending Process,” presented at the 7th International Conference and Exhibition on Design and Production of Machines and Dies/Molds, Antalya, Türkiye, 2013, Accessed: 00, 2022. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/97050.