Experimental and analytical analysis of in situ combustion processes

Aybak, Tuğrul


Experimental and theoretical analysis of box like plate structures
Kopuz, Şadi; Ünlüsoy, Y. Samim; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1988)
Experimental and analytical investigation of e-glass/epoxy tubes subjected to compression
Yetmez, Mehmet; Akgöz, Cevdet; Akkaş, Nuri; Department of Engineering Sciences (1997)
Experimental and computational investigation of hydrokinetic turbine
Güneş, Anıl; Yavuz, Mehmet Metin; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2022-8)
The answer to the increasing amount of energy consumption, mostly in carbon-based energy sources can be found in water and through the wind. The investigation of a special drag-based cross-flow hydrokinetic turbine (referred to as a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine for wind energy applications) called Savonius, is the main purpose of this study. Both experimentally and computationally studying this high self-starting ability turbine will open up the way to small-size energy production with very small water and wi...
Experimental and Finite Element Analysis of Rotary Draw Tube Bending Process
Dere, Fatih; Darendeliler, Haluk; İDER, SITKI KEMAL (2013-06-23)
Experimental and finite element analysis of rotary draw tube bending process
Dere, Fatih; Darendeliler, Haluk; İder, Kemal; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2014)
Rotary draw bending, which has very good flexibility and easy tooling, is one of the most preferred bending types for tubular profiles. Cross-section distortion and the spring-back phenomena are commonly faced problems in bending processes. Spring-back is the inevitable problem that is to be solved by manufacturer, generally by overbending. For hollow tubes cross-section distortion is another difficulty since using hollow tubes results in higher strain rates and distortions. During the process the thickness...
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T. Aybak, “Experimental and analytical analysis of in situ combustion processes,” Middle East Technical University, 1992.