Design for Online Grocery Shopping Experience Following Covid-19 Pandemic: An Investigation into Grocery Shopping Apps

Şahin, Ezgi Çiğdem
While people prefer shopping apps more and more with the developing information and communication technologies (ICT), grocery shopping apps are also preferred by more and more users every day. With the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, grocery shopping apps are becoming more popular due to mobility restrictions and health concerns. This research aims to discover the dimensions of the user experience in grocery shopping apps, especially with the restrictions brought by the Covid-19 outbreak in Turkey. For this reason, after the literature review, the fieldwork was carried out in three stages. In the first phase, online grocery shopping platforms were reviewed to explore their current features. Then, an online survey was conducted with 121 participants to reveal their online grocery shopping habits. Finally, interview sessions were held with 8 participants as the third phase of the fieldwork. Interview sessions took place with applying think-aloud protocol to understand user actions, creating customer journey map to determine user needs and expectations. In conclusion, suggestions for grocery shopping app designers and touchpoints that can improve the user experience of grocery shopping app services, as well as limitations of the study and suggestions for future studies are presented.


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E. Ç. Şahin, “Design for Online Grocery Shopping Experience Following Covid-19 Pandemic: An Investigation into Grocery Shopping Apps,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2022.