Yoğan, Felek
In this study, the aim of the research related to how adults with phobias construct the phobia in their language is given briefly. Discourse analysis specific to Discursive Psychology was used to achieve the research's goal. Each of the ten adults who indicated that they had phobia experiences took part in the interviews only once. The transcription of the interview was coded via the software MAXQDA 2020 Plus. The analysis was accomplished based on the interpretative repertoires and the positions. Eight interpretative repertoires were found as follows: 1. The Relationship with the Phobia Object through Control, 2. Detailed Depiction Focusing on Fragments of Phobia Objects, 3. Preoccupation with The Phobia Object, 4. The Gaze of the Phobia Object, 5. Bodily Symptoms Associated with Phobias, 6. The Contact with Phobia Objects, 7. The Gain Through Phobias, 8. Escape from the Phobia Object. As a result of the analysis, three positions were found as follows: 1. Positioning the Phobia Object as Harmful, 2. Mother’s Presence as a Part of the Phobic Experience, 3. Father’s Presence as a Part of the Phobic Experience. In the discussion part, eight interpretative repertoires and three positions were handled separately. Subsequently, the clinical implications of the study, the strengths and limitations of the study, the suggestions for future studies, and the general conclusion of the study were covered.


The Relationship between Source Memory and Linguistic Encoding of Source: A Study of 3-6 year-olds
Ogel-Balaban, Hale; Aksu-Koc, Ayhan; Alp, I. Ercan (2012-12-01)
This study aimed to explore whether the development of source memory is related to the use of linguistic markers of evidentiality. Eighty-seven 3-, 4-, 5-, and 6-year-old Turkish-speaking monolingual children participated in two source memory tasks: (1) Mode of Knowledge Acquisition Task and (2) Source Identification Task, and three language tasks (1) Direct Experience Task, (2) Inference Task and (3) Reportative Task. Results of the source memory tasks revealed lower performance for 3-year-old children com...
The Role of Attachment Insecurity and Big Five Traits on Sensory Processing Sensitivity
Sengul-Inal, Guelbin; Kırımer Aydınlı, Fulya; Suemer, Nebi (Informa UK Limited, 2018-01-01)
This study examined the interplay between behavioral inhibition/activation systems (BIS/BAS) sensitivity, attachment insecurity (i.e., anxiety and avoidance), and Big Five personality traits in predicting sensory processing sensitivity (SPS). We have specifically tested three alternative theoretical models to explain the process through which BIS/BAS sensitivity link to SPS; unique effects of attachment dimensions and personality traits, as well as moderating and mediating role of these variables. Participa...
The Effect of Death Anxiety and Age on Health-Promoting Behaviors: A Terror-Management Theory Perspective
Bozo Özen, Özlem; Simsek, Yeliz (Informa UK Limited, 2009-07-01)
The authors aimed to examine the effect of death anxiety on the reports of health-promoting behaviors and to determine the role of age in this relation using a terror-management theory perspective. Participants were 100 individuals from Young adult (those who were 20-35 years of age) and older adult (those who were 60 years of age and older) groups whom the authors assigned to the death anxiety or control conditions. The questionnaire set included a demographic information sheet and the Health-Promoting Lif...
The mentoring relationship: A comparison of counseling students in the United States of America and Turkey.
Büyükgöze Kavas, Ayşenur; Taylor, John; Neımeyer, John; Güneri, Oya (2011-09-01)
The increasing internationalization of counselling psychology invites considerations regarding the different ways in which the specialty might be translated into varying cultural contexts. The present study examined the perceived differences in graduate student mentoring in samples of United States of America (n = 92) and Turkish (n = 102) students. In general, US students experienced higher levels of socioemotional support within their mentoring relationships and higher levels of satisfaction. No differenc...
The temporal precedence of metacognition in the development of anxiety and depression symptoms in the context of life-stress: A prospective study
YILMAZ, ARZU AKMAN; Gençöz, Tülin; Wells, Adrian (2011-04-01)
According to the metacognitive theory of psychological disorder, metacognitions are vulnerability factors in predicting development of psychological symptoms. The present study investigated metacognitive factors and life stress in a prospective test of their proposed temporal precedence in the development of anxiety and depression symptoms. Participants were 172 students and adults recruited in Ankara and Bolu, Turkey. Two separate sets of hierarchical regression analyses were conducted. In these analyses, ...
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F. Yoğan, “THE CONSTRUCTION OF ADULT PHOBIAS: A STUDY THROUGH DISCOURSE ANALYSIS,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2022.