Student and teacher evaluations about design based science education: “Heat insulation is a gain for country” activity Tasarım temelli fen eğitimine yönelik öğrenci ve öğretmen değerlendirmeleri: Isı yalıtımı ülke kazanımı etkinliği

Altan, Esra Bozkurt
Karahan, Engin
© 2019, Ankara University. All rights reserved.This study aimed to investigate students’ evaluations about “Heat Insulation is a Gain for Country” activity designed based on Design Based Science Education (DBSE) and the instructor’s views about her experiences during the activity. The participants of this single case study are 32 students and 1 teacher. The evaluations of the students were collected via DBSE Student Evaluation Survey and focus group interviews, whereas teacher view data was collected via an unstructured interview. Descriptive (survey and individual interview) and content analysis (focus group interview) methods were used to analyze the data. The students’ statements indicated that DBSE processes prepare them for real life, raise their awareness about engineering design, and motivate them for learning. Also, DBSE based “Heat Insulation is a Gain for Country” activity can be an alternative for teachers who want to integrate STEM education in science classes.
Elementary Education Online


Safe building design by small architects: A design activity developed for elementary mathematics course
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Students' attitudes towards integration of ICTs in a reading course: A case in Turkey
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Technology utilisation in elementary schools in Turkey's capital: a case study
Karaca, Feride; Can, Gülfidan; Yıldırım, İbrahim Soner (Informa UK Limited, 2013-12-01)
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Adaptation of nature relatedness scale to Turkish Doğayla ilişki ölçeğinin Türkçe’ye adaptasyonu
Çakır, Birgül; Karaarslan, Güliz; Şahin, Elvan; Ertepınar, Hamide (2015-01-01)
© 2015, Ankara University. All rights reserved.This study aimed to adapt Nature Relatedness (NR) Scale into Turkish. This scale was developed by Nisbet, Zelenski and Murphy (2009) to measure cognitive, affective and physical connection of people with nature. While the instrument was being adapted to Turkish, the characteristics of Turkish language, cultural, social and environmental structures were considered. During the translation process, expert opinions were taken for the language validity. Data set was...
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