Concurrent operation of wireless power transfer based contactless slip ring and motor drive system with a single converter

Ayaz, Enes
This thesis presents a novel approach for concurrent power transfer to wired and wireless systems using a single inverter. This proposed approach fits a cost-effective solution to wireless power transfer (WPT) systems used in contactless slip rings (CSR) applications such as sensors, radars, or wind-turbine pitch controls. In conventional systems, there are two separate converters: one is for the motor drive, and the other is for the WPT system. It is proposed that the switching harmonics of the motor drive can also be utilized to excite the WPT system while the low-frequency component can still be used to drive the motor. Thus, the converter of WPT systems is eliminated. In the past, however, conventional Si-based motor drives allow switching frequencies below 20kHz, making the WPT system bulky. Nowadays, with the development of wide-bandgap devices, the switching frequency has considerably increased up to 100kHz, making the proposed system a feasible size. However, the independent control of switching and low-frequency components is challenging while utilizing the conventional motor driving PWM techniques. In this study, novel concurrent operation methods are developed. In DC motor drives, the bipolar-PWM with the proposed frequency/duty cycle control is analyzed mathematically, and it is experimentally verified with a series-series (SS) WPT system and a DC motor driven by a GaN-based full-bridge (FB) converter. In AC motor drives, SPWM with the proposed carrier-phase-shift / modulation index control is analyzed mathematically. Firstly, the concurrent operation of the induction motor (IM) and an SS-WPT system for rotating electronic loads is experimentally verified with a GaN-based inverter. Secondly, the field winding of the wound-field synchronous motor is excited by the proposed method. In order to achieve light-weight on the rotor side, a series-none (SN) WPT system is used, and varying carrier-phase-shift is used to reduce the output capacitance.


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E. Ayaz, “Concurrent operation of wireless power transfer based contactless slip ring and motor drive system with a single converter,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2022.