A reconsideration of subjectivity? Lacan’s response to posthumanism



A reconsideration of the concept of architectural space in the virtual realm
Kınayoğlu, Gökhan; Mennan, Zeynep; Department of Architecture (2007)
The discovery of new geometries in the 19th century and the departure from an absolute to a relative understanding of space-time, together with the invention of higher dimensions have caused a shift towards the idealization of space. This new type of ideal space was called hyperspace. The counter-intuitive quality of hyperspace has opened up new formal possibilities and representation techniques in art and architecture. In a similar manner, with the introduction of computers, the virtual and immaterial qual...
A Reconsideration of the problem of universals
Eyim, Ahmet; Grünberg, David; Department of Philosophy (2012)
This study aims at investigating the problem of universals, which is one of the most venerable issues in the history of philosophy. The problem of universals emerges from the ontological status of properties and relations; i.e., the existence and nature of properties and relations. It can be defined as the problem of how two or more different objects can have the same property or how a property can be a part of different things. The problem of universals consists of not a single problem but rather a network...
A Case of Adjustment to a post-Western World? European Union and the Southern Mediterranean after the Arab Uprisings
Torun, Zerrin (null; 2017-10-24)
A grounded theory of school as a social system in an atypical context
Zeybekoğlu Çalışkan, Zuhal; Kondakçı, Yaşar; Şimşek, Hasan; Department of Educational Sciences (2011)
This is a grounded theory study of school as a social system in an atypical context. It was the aim of this study to develope context-specific theoretical propositions to understand how a school as a social system looks like in an atypical context, which is characterized by ethnic group, migrated groups of low socio-economic status and low-level education. A public school that shows these characteristics was chosen for the study. The school is mostly populated by students coming from Roman community and mig...
A critique of Inter-American Development Bank's neoliberal discourse of exclusion
Menemencioğlu, Rifat Kerim; Bedirhanoğlu Toker, Pınar; Department of International Relations (2009)
Exclusion has become a popular term in the recent two decades which is used to designate to the relatively disadvantageous people, groups, parties in different societies. Given the fact that concepts are not innocent, there is a need to think on the question of what “exclusion” as a concept excludes and includes different from other relevant concepts such as poverty, marginalization, and/or underclass. This thesis will try to answer these questions by focusing on the Inter- American Development Bank’s (IDB)...
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