Minimizing makespan in a resource constrained project scheduling problem

Yaşar, Yağmur


Minimizing the Number of Detrimental Objects in Multi-Dimensional Graph-Based Codes
Hareedy, Ahmed; Kuditipudi, Rohith; Calderbank, Robert (2020-09-01)
© 1972-2012 IEEE.The increasing demand for access to data has led to dramatic increases in data storage densities, and as densities increase, new sources of error appear. Multi-dimensional (MD) graph-based codes are capable of mitigating error sources like interference and channel non-uniformity in dense storage devices. A recent innovation improves the performance of MD spatially-coupled codes that are based on circulants by carefully relocating some circulants to minimize the number of short cycles. Howev...
Minimization of Monotonically Levelable Higher Order MRF Energies via Graph Cuts
Karci, Mehmet Haydar; Demirekler, Mübeccel (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2010-11-01)
A feature of minimizing images of submodular binary Markov random field (MRF) energies is introduced. Using this novel feature, the collection of minimizing images of levels of higher order, monotonically levelable multilabel MRF energies is shown to constitute a monotone collection. This implies that these minimizing binary images can be combined to give minimizing images of the multilabel MRF energies. Thanks to the graph cuts framework, the mentioned class of binary MRF energies is known to be minimized ...
Minimizing uncertainty in rough control boundaries of robot path planning using dynamic decay adjustment (DDA)
Sanal, Ufuk Zeki; Erkmen, Aydan; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2001)
Minimization of Transmission Duration of Data Packets over an Energy Harvesting Fading Channel
Ozcelik, F. Mehmet; Uctu, Goksel; Uysal, Elif (2012-12-01)
The offline problem of transmission completion time minimization for an energy harvesting transmitter under fading is extended to allow packet arrivals during transmission. A method for computing an optimal power and rate allocation (i.e., an optimal offline schedule) is developed and studied.
Minimizing the number of tool switching instants in Flexible Manufacturing Systems
Konak, Abdullah; Kulturel-Konak, Sadan; Azizoğlu, Meral (Elsevier BV, 2008-12-01)
In this study, we address a part-type sequencing and tool switching problem arising in Flexible Manufacturing Systems. We consider the single machine problem of minimizing the number of tool switching instants. We propose two tabu search approaches to find high-quality solutions. Our computational results reveal that both tabu search approaches produce optimal or near-optimal solutions in reasonable times.
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Y. Yaşar, “Minimizing makespan in a resource constrained project scheduling problem,” Middle East Technical University, 1996.