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Recent Submissions

Globalisation and governance: Thresholds for the impacts of the main determinants of capital inflows?
Özmen, Erdal; Taşdemir, Fatma (2024-04-01)
This paper investigates whether the impacts of the main push (global financial conditions, GFC) and pull (growth) factors on capital inflows are invariant to endogenously estimated threshold levels for structural domestic ...
Opportunities and challenges of geothermal energy in Turkiye
Korucan, Aysun; Derin Güre, Pınar; Celebi, Bertug; Baker, Derek Keıth; Vander Velde, Madeline (2024-04-01)
As a domestic and non-intermittent resource, geothermal energy offers countries a clean and sustainable energy option while setting their energy mix strategies. Turkiye, endowed with rich energy fields, stands out as one o...
Is there a virtuous cycle between wages and productivity? Turkish experience after the transition to democracy
Taymaz, Erol; Voyvoda, Ebru; Yilmaz, Kamil (2024-03-01)
We analyze the behavior of plant-level real wages and productivity in Turkish manufacturing after the transition to democracy in 1987 and test for the direction of the causality between these two variables. The Turkish exp...
Future of Europe: Reflections from Türkiye
Üstün, Çiğdem; Şenyuva, Özgehan (2024-03-01)
This special issue delves into the complex challenges confronting the EU and itsmember states, offering a meticulous examination of Europe's future. Focusing onsecurity policies, regional relations, energy strategies, digi...
The quest to end marginalization: Jordan's diversifying alignments in the post-Arab Spring era
Altunışık, Meliha; Koprulu, Nur (2024-01-01)
Since 2017 Jordan has been diversifying its alignments while its relations with its traditional backers have become tenser. Drawing upon the existing literature that explains Jordan's alignment choices, this article aims t...
Exploring the sentiment in Borsa Istanbul with deep learning
Atak Atalık, Alev (2024-01-01)
Sentiment analysis holds immense importance in finance and economics, addressing crucial issues such as principal–agent dynamics and information imbalances. The rise of natural language processing signifies a groundbreakin...
Turkey’s ‘Return’ to Central Asia in a Shifting Global and Regional Context: New Opportunities and Limitations
Altunışık, Meliha (2024-01-01)
Turkey has been becoming more active in Central Asia recently. This activism entails increasing linkages in the economic, energy, and transport areas, as well as deepening cultural and political relations. Although there a...
Counter Conduct and Autonomy Politics in the Era of Neoliberal Governmentality
Bora, Ezgi; Ertuğrul, Kürşad (2024-01-01)
This study, first, explores the connections between neoliberal governmentality and neo-conservative nationalism, which breeds a global tendency of autocratization, from a Foucauldian perspective. Neoliberal rationality and...
Schrödinger’s Candidate: Türkiye’s Awkward Situation Within the Enlargement Debate
Şenyuva, Özgehan; Baydarol, Ali (Springer Nature, 2024-01-01)
Türkiye stands in a particular and even awkward position regarding debate on the Future of Europe and especially the issue of enlargement. The country has been waiting for membership longer than any other applicant S...
The role of noise variance on effort in group contests
İntişah, Merve; Büyükboyacı Hanay, Mürüvvet İlknur (2024-01-01)
We theoretically and experimentally examine the effect of noise variance and prize value on effort in individual contests and in three types of group contests: perfect-substitutes, best-shot, and weakest-link. For all cont...
Queer Experience in Turkey
Bora, Ezgi; Ertuğrul, Kürşad (2024-01-01)
This study explores the possibility of critical agency of queer subjects in Turkey in terms of challenging and subverting normative structural constraints. These constraints are attested through expansive use of the concep...
Manifesta, Art, Society and Politics: Creating a New Europe Through Contemporary Art
Çolak, Erdem (Bloomsbury Publishing, 2024-01-01)
Mutual Fund Herding in Industries: The Turkish Case
Tekel, Onur; Şendeniz Yüncü, İlkay (2024-01-01)
This study investigates the industry herding of mutual funds traded in Turkey and the effects of industry herding on industry valuations. Using a sample of monthly portfolio holdings of 37 equity-intensive mutual funds tra...
Çolak, Erdem (Alfa Basım Yayım, 2023-12-01)
Re-imagining International Relations: World Orders in the Thought and Practice of Indian, Chinese, and Islamic Civilizations
Yıldız, Tunahan (2023-12-01)
Determinants of overlapping mismatch in the Turkish labour market
Ege, Ahmet Alper; Erdil, Erkan (2023-12-01)
Using a micro dataset from labour force survey of Turkey and employing a multinomial logistic regression, this paper examines the determinants of mere overeducation, mere field of study mismatch and full-mismatch (who are ...
School integration of Syrian refugee children in Turkey
Kırdar, Murat Güray; KOÇ, İSMET; Dayıoğlu Tayfur, Meltem (2023-12-01)
There is little evidence based on large-scale representative data on the school integration of refugee children—many of whom live in low- or middle-income countries. This study focuses on Syrian refugee children in Turkey ...
Türkiye’de sevk ve idareyi “geliştirmek” için iş dünyasının dış yardım destekli girişimleri, 1962-1980: TSİD, SİGM, SİEV
Üsdiken, Behlül (ODTÜ İktisadi ve İdari Bilimler Fakültesi, 2023-12)
This paper is about the Turkish Management Association (TMA) founded in 1962, followed by a Management Development Center (MDC) opened in 1965 within the TMA and the Management Education Foundation (MEF) also established b...
Talent management and boundaryless career orientation: A strategic fit and flexibility perspective
Özçelik, Gaye; Uyargil, Cavide (ODTÜ İktisadi ve İdari Bilimler Fakültesi, 2023-12)
Talent management (TM) is of increasing priority to organisational leaders, who struggle to develop and implement effective programmes or practices for managing talent. Despite the given emphasis on organisational talent m...
Validation of the entrepreneurial- professional-leadership career aspirations scale: Evidence from a Turkish professional sample
Wasti Pamuksuz, Syeda Nazlı; Oruç, Elif Selva (ODTÜ İktisadi ve İdari Bilimler Fakültesi, 2023-12)
Chan and his colleagues (2012) developed the Entrepreneurial, Professionalism, and Leadership (EPL) career aspirations scale to provide a guide for students to choose their career as well as to assist professionals in thei...
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