Planning of the port storage area and handling equipment requirements.

Piroglu, Hasan


Determination of waste recieving capacity of İzmit Bay.
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Evaluation and selection of distribution system voltage levels for the networks of large cities.
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Evaluation of fermentation medium composition and conditions for bacterial pectinase production
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Katılımcı Senaryo Tekniği Yardımıyla Tarihi Kentsel Alan İçin İyileştirme Stratejisinin Belirlenmesi
Başaran Uysal, Arzu (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 2013-12-1)
Participation of citizens in decisions related to their cities and neighborhoods has been discussed within the framework of participatory democracy since the 1960's. Public participation ensures legitimacy and accountability of the decision maker and improves the quality of decisions. On the other hand, debates continue on the impact of participants on the decision and indicators of successful participation. In this study, the participation process executed in order to support the decision process about the...
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H. Piroglu, “Planning of the port storage area and handling equipment requirements.,” Middle East Technical University, 1992.