Optimum design of reinforced concrete cantilever retaining walls by non-linear programming

Sarıbaş, Aşkın


Optimum design of prestressed concrete beams by non-linear programming
Oktar, Behçet Ömer; Erbatur, Fuat; Department of Civil Engineering (1995)
Optimum Detailed Design of Reinforced Concrete Continuous Beams using the Harmony Search Algorithm
Akin, A.; Saka, M. P. (2010-09-17)
Design optimization of reinforced concrete structures is more challenging than that of steel structures due to the complexity associated with reinforcement design. In this study, optimum design algorithm is presented for reinforced concrete continuous beams. The design variables are selected as the width and the depth of beams in each span, the diameter and the number of longitudinal reinforcement bars along span and supports, and the diameter of ties. The design constraints are implemented from ACI 318-05 ...
Optimum design of rigid and semi-rigid steel sway frames including soil-structure interaction
Doğan, Erkan; Saka, M. Polat; Department of Engineering Sciences (2010)
In this study, weight optimization of two dimensional steel frames is carried out in which the flexibility of beam-to-column connections and the soil-structure interaction are considered. In the analysis and design of steel frames, beam-tocolumn connections are assumed to be either fully rigid or perfectly pinned. However, the real behavior of beam-to-column connections is actually between these extremes. Namely, even the simple connections used in practice possess some stiffness falling between these two c...
Optimum design of composite laminates with curved fiber courses under strength and stability constraints
Kasap, İsmail; Oral, Süha; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1996)
Optimum design of a fuel-cell powertrain based on multiple design criteria
Sarioglu, Ismail Levent; Czapnik, Bartosch; Bostancı, Emine; Klein, Olaf P.; Schröder, Hendrik; Küçükay, Ferit (2014-11-15)
As the number of fuel-cell vehicles on the roads increase, the vehicle designs are gaining more importance. Clearly, one major topic in this field is the optimization of powertrain designs. In this design process, the aim of the car manufacturers is to meet the expectations of the potential customer best, while creating a sustainable product. However, due to several trade-offs in the design, it would be non-realistic to expect a single solution that fulfills all design objectives. Therefore, a systematical ...
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A. Sarıbaş, “Optimum design of reinforced concrete cantilever retaining walls by non-linear programming,” Middle East Technical University, 1995.