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Recent Submissions

Parametrization-free locally-conformal perfectly matched layer method for finite element solution of Helmholtz equation
ÖZGÜN, ÖZLEM; Kuzuoğlu, Mustafa; Beriot, Hadrien; Mittra, Raj (2023-07-01)
We present a novel Locally-Conformal Perfectly Matched Layer (LCPML) method for mesh truncation in the Finite Element Method (FEM), to solve wave equations derived from Maxwell's equations. The original LCPML method was pr...
Gaussian Mixture Filtering with Nonlinear Measurements Minimizing Forward Kullback-Leibler Divergence
Laz, Eray; Orguner, Umut (2023-07-01)
A Gaussian mixture filter is proposed for the state estimation of dynamical systems with nonlinear measurements. The filter is derived by solving an assumed density filtering problem where Kullback-Leibler (KL) divergence ...
Synchronization of oscillators not sharing a common ground
Tuna, Sezai Emre (2023-5-01)
Networks of coupled LC oscillators that do not share a common ground node are studied. Both resistive coupling and inductive coupling are considered. For networks under resistive coupling, it is shown that the oscillator-c...
MIMO radar beampattern design by using Phased-Costas waveforms with PAR constraints employing a generalized ambiguity function
Celik, Ozan Onur; Tuncer, Temel Engin (2023-04-30)
Multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) radars have attracted interest due to some important advantages over Phased-array radars. The diversity that comes with multiple waveforms is used to maximize the power in the vicinity...
Grating-free high-x InP/InxGa1-xAs mid-wavelength infrared QWIP focal plane array
Güngör, Oğuz Onur (2023-03-01)
An Approximate MSE Expression for Maximum Likelihood and Other Implicitly Defined Estimators of Non-Random Parameters
Mehmetcik, Erdal; Orguner, Umut; Candan, Çağatay (2023-03-01)
An approximate mean square error (MSE) expression for the performance analysis of implicitly defined estimators of non-random parameters is proposed. An implicitly defined estimator (IDE) declares the minimizer/maximizer o...
Cooperative Guidance Law for High-Speed and High-Maneuverability Air Targets
Cevher, Firat Yilmaz; Leblebicioğlu, Mehmet Kemal (2023-2-01)
In this paper, a novel cooperative and predictive guidance law is proposed to intercept high-speed and high-maneuverability targets with inferior interceptors. The purpose of guidance is cooperatively covering the most-pro...
Lane change scheduling for connected and autonomous vehicles
Atagoziev, Maksat; Güran Schmidt, Ece; Schmidt, Klaus Verner (2023-02-01)
The execution of lane changes has a strong impact on driving safety and traffic throughput. Therefore, it is highly desired to automate and coordinate lane changes. The subject of this paper is the scheduling of lane chang...
A Novel Parameter Error Identification Method for Power Plant Dynamic Models
Açılan, Etki; Göl, Murat (2023-01-01)
Incorrect parameters in a power plant dynamic model affect the analysis results and control decisions in a power system, which may have serious consequences. The online calibration techniques in the literature utilize sens...
Spheroid Engineering in Microfluidic Devices
Tevlek, Atakan; Kecili, Seren; Ozcelik, Ozge S.; Külah, Haluk; Tekin, H. Cumhur (2023-01-01)
Two-dimensional (2D) cell culture techniques are commonly employed to investigate biophysical and biochemical cellular responses. However, these culture methods, having monolayer cells, lack cell-cell and cell-extracellula...
A Hierarchical Control of Supercapacitor and Microsources in Islanded DC Microgrids
Barati, Farhad; Ahmadi, Behzad; Keysan, Ozan (2023-1-01)
This paper proposes a hierarchical control approach for SuperCapacitor (SC) energy storage and microsources in islanded DC microgrids. It takes into account microsources' dynamic and steady-state limitations. The proposed ...
Computational design of nanoantennas with improved power enhancement capabilities via shape optimization
Işiklar, Göktuǧ; Yazar, Şirin; İbili, Hande; Onay, Gülten; El Ahdab, Zeina; Ergül, Özgür Salih (2023-01-01)
Computational design and analyses of nanoantennas obtained via surface shape optimization are presented. Starting with a kernel geometry, free deformations are applied on selected surfaces to reach optimal designs that can...
Crowd Multi Prediction: Single Network for Crowd Counting, Localization and Anomaly Detection
Coskun, Muhammet Furkan; Akar, Gözde (2023-01-01)
In this study, we propose a neural network to solve crowd counting, localization and abnormal event detection problems together. Our proposed model combines P2P-Net with a novel crowd anomaly detection module. The final ne...
Elimination of Non-Novel Segments at Multi-Scale for Few-Shot Segmentation
Kayabasi, Alper; Tufekci, Gulin; Ulusoy, İlkay (2023-01-01)
Few-shot segmentation aims to devise a generalizing model that segments query images from unseen classes during training with the guidance of a few support images whose class tally with the class of the query. There exist ...
Highly Accurate Clock Synchronization With Drift Correction for the Controller Area Network
Akpinar, Murat; Schmidt, Şenan Ece; Schmidt, Klaus Verner (2022-12-01)
Modem vehicles, that have to be considered as safety-critical cyber-physical systems, require highly accurate clock synchronization (CS) among their distributed computing devices. Since Controller Area Network (CAN) is the...
Heuristic Resource Reservation Policies for Public Clouds in the IoT Era
Gül, Ömer Melih (2022-12-01)
With the advances in the IoT era, the number of wireless sensor devices has been growing rapidly. This increasing number gives rise to more complex networks where more complex tasks can be executed by utilizing more comput...
Plug-in electric vehicle load modeling for charging scheduling strategies in microgrids
Güzel, Saliha İven; Göl, Murat (2022-12-01)
Utilization of plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) load models can improve the performance of smart charging strategies, which increase the reliability of the grid by harnessing the flexibility of PEV loads. This paper presents...
Sensörsüz Seri Elastik Tekniği ile Bir Kablo Sürümlü Düzlemsel Mekanizmanın Kontrolü
Kunduz, İrfan; Durmaz, Atakan; Albayrak, Özlem; Alp, Tilbe; Ünal, Perin; Ankaralı, Mustafa Mert (2022-11-01)
Bu çalışmada, sensörsüz elastik seri tekniği ile kablo sürümlü bir düzlemsel mekanizmanın kontrolü incelenmektedir. Kablo sürümlü robotlar, gösteri alanlarında örümcek kamera olarak yatay düzlemde çalışan şekilde hali hazı...
Improved Hard Example Mining Approach for Single Shot Object Detectors
Köksal, Aybora; Tuzcuoğlu, Önder; Ince, Kutalmiş Gökalp; Ataseven, Yoldaş; Alatan, Abdullah Aydın (2022-10-18)
Hard example mining methods generally improve the performance of the object detectors, which suffer from imbalanced training sets. In this work, two existing hard example mining approaches (LRM and focal loss, FL) are adap...
Collaborative Direction of Arrival estimation by using Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers in distributed sensor array networks employing Sparse Bayesian Learning framework
Nurbas, Ekin; Onat, Emrah; Tuncer, Temel Engin (2022-10-01)
In this paper, we present a new method for Direction of Arrival (DoA) estimation in distributed sensor array networks by using Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers (ADMM) in Sparse Bayesian Learning (SBL) framework....
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