Determination of surface temperature rise on spur gears

Taburdağıtan, Murat


Determination of surface temperature rise with thermo-elastic analysis of spur gears
Taburdagitan, Murat; Akkök, Metin (2006-09-20)
The tooth surface temperature rise during meshing spur gear pair due to frictional heat is investigated. A coupled thermo-elastic analysis is carried out by considering the elastic deformation of teeth and corresponding load shearing between the contacting tooth pairs and heat generation in the contact. In the analysis, gear pairs with contact ratio between one and two are considered and pinion and gear are modeled only with three teeth. The finite element analysis is performed using quadrilateral 4-node pl...
Determination of degree of mixing in solid rocket propellants
Yeşilırmak, Yener; Yılmazer, Ülkü; Department of Chemical Engineering (2006)
Composite propellants are mainly composed of: crystalline oxidizer, metallic fuel, and polymeric binder. Additives, such as plasticizers, catalysts, bonding agents and curing agents may also be incorporated to propellant compositions in small amounts. These ingredients should be mixed rigorously in order to obtain a uniform microstructure throughout the cast propellant profile. The quality of the propellant mixture has to be determined quantitatively to improve the product quality and to reduce costs. In th...
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M. Taburdağıtan, “Determination of surface temperature rise on spur gears,” Middle East Technical University, 2001.