Ferrite-pearlite banding in 6252 steel plates

Çiğdem, Ayşe


Ferromagnetic Target Detection and Localization with a Wireless Sensor Network
Antepli, Mehmet Akif; Gurbuz, Sevgi Zubeyde; Uysal, Elif (2010-11-03)
This work attempts to address challenges of using magnetic sensors for target detection, localization and tracking with a wireless sensor network (WSN). A WSN comprised of magnetic sensors was constructed to investigate the modeling, detection, and localization of ferrous targets. The system was established as a centralized tree-based wireless network with a PC acting as the fusion center. A heavy cylindrical iron bar was used as a test target and modeled as a magnetic dipole. The magnetic signal models use...
Ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic properties in layered structures (La0.6Nd0.4Mn2Si2)
Doğan, Ezgi; Emre, B.; Yurtseven, Hasan Hamit (2015-06-05)
Temperature dependences of the magnetization (ferromagnetic) and the staggered magnetization (anti-ferromagnetic) are analyzed for various ferromagnetic (FM) and antiferromagnetic (AF) phases of the layered structure of La0.6Nd0.4Mn2Si2 using the experimental data at a constant magnetic field of 50 Oe. For this analysis, a mean field model with the quadratic coupling between the magnetization (FM) and the staggered magnetization (AF) is considered and the expressions derived from the mean field model for th...
Ferric-chelate Reductase: Could it be Used as an Alternative Method to Understand Iron Sensitivity in Soybean?
Aksoy, Emre; Maqboll, Amir; ÇALIŞKAN, SEVGİ (2017-09-13)
Polylactide/organically modified montmorillonite composites; effects of organic modifier on thermal characteristics
Ozdemir, Esra; Öztürk, Yurdagül; Hacaloğlu, Jale (2016-12-01)
The effects of interspace distance and the possible chemical interactions between PLA and the organic modifier of montmorillonites, Cloisite 15A, 20A and 30B on thermal degradation of PLA in the absence and presence of water vapor were investigated by direct pyrolysis mass spectrometry, (DP-MS) in addition to XRD, TEM, DSC, TGA analyses. The DP-MS results clearly showed that the way in which the polymer was incorporated into the nanocomposite strongly depends on the mixing technique, the interspacing betwee...
Ferritin nanocage as a magnetic carrier /
Aslan, Tuğba Nur; Volkan, Mürvet; Department of Chemistry (2015)
There is a large focus on ferritin protein cages due to its biological importance, its behaviour as a useful platform for material synthesis and also providing chemical modification of the exterior surface to create functionality. In this study, iron oxide nanoparticles were synthesized within the cavity of the ferritin (magnetoferritin). Non-radioactive rhenium was incorporated on the protein exterior via conjugation of histidine molecules by using glutaraldehyde crosslinker. 185Re was also bound to magnet...
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A. Çiğdem, “Ferrite-pearlite banding in 6252 steel plates,” Middle East Technical University, 1991.