Morphological data compression on Turkish texts.

Şimşek, Hülya


Morphological processing in developing readers: a psycholinguistic study on Turkish primary school children
Uğuz, Enis; Kırkıcı, Bilal; Department of English Literature (2018)
The processing of morphologically complex words has been studies in many languages, leading to a variety of theoretical accounts. While dual-route models advocate two distinct mechanisms for word processing, single route models suggest a single mechanism. Contrasting findings as well as the different interpretations of the same results have kept the advocators of both accounts searching for a solid and undisputable justification for their views. This thesis investigated the early stages of morphological pro...
Morphological Modeling of Position-Based Spatial Relationships
Cinbiş, Ramazan Gökberk (2007-06-13)
Spatial information plays a very important role in image understanding. Fuzzy mathematical morphology provides an effective basis for extracting binary and ternary spatial relationships by creating a fuzzy landscape where the value at each point corresponds to the relationship degree according to its position with respect to the reference object(s). We improve existing morphological approaches in terms of flexibility and efficiency while also obtaining more intuitive results. Our morphological definitions a...
Grammatical relations and word order ın Turkish Sign Language (TİD)
Sevinç, Ayça Müge; Bozşahin, Hüseyin Cem; Department of Cognitive Sciences (2006)
This thesis aims at investigating the grammatical relations in Turkish Sign Language (TİD). For this aim, word order, nominal morphology, and agreement morphology of verbs are examined. TİD lacks morphological case, but it has a very rich pronominal system like other sign languages. Verbs are classified according to their morphosyntactic features. With this classification, we can observe the effect of word order and agreement morphology on the grammatical relations. Combinatory Categorial Grammar as a lexic...
Grammatical Competence in Exam Writing and Take Home Assignments and Students Views
Aytaç, Kadriye; Gürbüz, Nurdan (null; 2015-05-26)
KASUMOV, N (1993-03-31)
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H. Şimşek, “Morphological data compression on Turkish texts.,” Middle East Technical University, 1993.