The pattern of genetic variation of pinus brutia ten populations from Southern Turkey determined by nuclear SSR markers.

Ersöz, Elhan S.


The evolutionary divergence of Pinus nigra subsp pallasiana and its varieties based on noncoding trn regions of chloroplast genome
Gulsoy, Aysun Demet; Gulsoy, Ali Murat; Cengel, Burcu; Kaya, Zeki (2014-01-01)
The Anatolian black pine [Pinus nigra Arnold subsp. pallasiana (Lamb.) Holmboe var. pallasiana] is one of the subspecies of European black pine, growing naturally as a widespread mid-elevation species in the southern, western, and northern Anatolian Mountains of Turkey. Three well-recognized varieties [var. pallasiana, var. fastigiata Businsky with pyramidal form, and var. seneriana (Saatcioglu) Yalt. with globular-shaped crown with multiple stems] occur naturally, but the studies on them are very limited. ...
The phylogeny of wild goats (Capra aegagrus E.) in Turkey as determined by mtDNA D-loop sequencing.
Balkız, Özge; Kence, Aykut; Department of Biology (2002)
The pattern of genetic variation in shoot growth of Pinus brutia Ten. populations sampled from the Toros mountains in Turkey
Kaya, Zeki (1997-01-01)
The pattern of genetic variation in shoot growth of Turkish red pine (Pinus brutia TEN.) was studied in 180 open-pollinated families from a south to north transect in southern Turkey. Seedlings from 1 coastal, 1 inland and 2 centrally located populations (45 open-pollinated families each) were grown for 2 growing seasons in a forest nursery located near Antalya. The study revealed that both populations and families within populations varied significantly in all seedling traits except for free growth in the ...
The Genetic Basis of Composite Spike Form in Barley and ‘Miracle-Wheat’
Poursarebani, Naser; et. al. (Genetics Society of America, 2015-7-7)
Inflorescences of the tribe Triticeae, which includes wheat (Triticum sp. L.) and barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) are characterized by sessile spikelets directly borne on the main axis, thus forming a branchless spike. 'Compositum-Barley' and tetraploid 'Miracle-Wheat' (T. turgidum convar. compositum (L.f.) Filat.) display noncanonical spike-branching in which spikelets are replaced by lateral branch-like structures resembling small-sized secondary spikes. As a result of this branch formation 'Miracle-Wheat' pr...
The genetic basis of malathion resistance in housefly (Musca domestica L.) strains from Turkey
Taskin, V; Kence, M (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2004-11-01)
Organophosphate insecticide (parathion/diazinon) resistance in housefly ( Musca domestica L.) is associated with the change in carboxylesterase activity. The product of MdalphaE7 gene is probably playing a role in detoxification of xenobiotic esters. In our research, we have isolated, cloned and sequenced the MdalphaE7 gene from five different Turkish housefly strains. High doses of malathion ( 600 mug/fly) were applied in a laboratory environment for one year to Ceyhan1, Ceyhan2, Adana, and Ankara strains ...
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E. S. Ersöz, “The pattern of genetic variation of pinus brutia ten populations from Southern Turkey determined by nuclear SSR markers.,” Middle East Technical University, 2001.