Gallium extraction and aggregation studies in some amine extraction systems.

Başol, Sacit


Thermal effects of gate connected field-plates and surface passivation on AlGaN/GaN HEMTs
Kara, Doğacan; Okutucu Özyurt, Hanife Tuba; Dönmezer, Nazlı; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2018)
AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) are widely preferred in automotive, space, and military applications due to their superior electrical and thermal properties. However, when operated in full capacity, their electrical reliability drops significantly due to electron collapse, device degradation, concentrated heating, and mechanical stresses. To increase the reliability and maximum performance of GaN HEMTs, field-plate and surface passivation technologies are used frequently. Although signi...
Multi-criteria feasibility assessment of the monorail transportation system in metu campus
Tarighi, Amin; Sayın, Erol; Department of Industrial Engineering (2011)
The overall objective of this thesis is to assess the financial, technical and social feasibility of investing in modern Automated People Movers (APM) transportation systems, generally known as monorails, in METU campus which presents a unique opportunity to fulfill the modern-day transportation needs of METU campus. This study complements the Presidency Office’s long term goal to integrate environmental, social and economic sustainability into the policies, practices and culture of the university and ultim...
Spatial variation of elderly population and its dynamics in Turkey
Şenbil, Metin; Yetişkul Şenbil, Emine (2021-10-01)
As the world population is getting older, care for elderly and procurement to their special needs gains importance for both national and local governments. Therefore, distribution of elderly population and their (residential) mobility behaviours gains importance to improve policies coupled in this respect. However, although demographic processes can easily be monitored and projected over time for a country, estimating distribution of certain population cohorts over space (elderly population in our case) ent...
Phase mixing in GaSb nanocrystals synthesized by nonequilibrium plasma aerotaxy
Üner, Necip Berker; Thimsen, Elijah (2020-05-01)
III-V semiconductor nanocrystals are an important class of optoelectronic materials. However, the gas-phase synthesis of these materials, especially of the stibnides, has been left relatively unexplored. In this study, we demonstrate the synthesis of free-standing GaSb nanocrystals for the first time, using a novel gas-phase process. We show that when elemental aerosols are used as precursors for Ga and Sb, the elements mix at the nanometer length scale as the aerosols pass through a nonequilibrium plasma r...
Mechanisms of light emission from terbium ions (Tb3+) embedded in a Si rich silicon oxide matrix
Kaleli, Buket; Kulakci, Mustafa; Turan, Raşit (Elsevier BV, 2012-9)
Mechanisms of light emission in Tb doped Si rich SiOx matrix prepared by magnetron sputtering are studied by photoluminescence spectroscopy (PL). Characteristic PL peaks of Tb3+ ions and Si nanocrystals are simultaneously observed with an inverse relationship between their intensity. With a prolonged heat treatment at high temperatures, light emission from Tb3+ ions enhances at the expense of total quenching of the PL signal from the nanocrystals. It is suggested from the annealing studies as a function of ...
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S. Başol, “Gallium extraction and aggregation studies in some amine extraction systems.,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 1968.