A Study of error analysis in the essays of freshman students at the Middle East Technical University

Saltık, Serkan


A Case Study of Teacher Knowledge Regarding Phases of the Moon
Sağdıç, Ali; Şahin, Elvan (null; 2017-08-21)
A descriptive study on the critical thinking levels of the students at the unit of English Preparatory School at Hacettepe University
Dayıoğlu, Seçil; Paykoç, Fersun; Department of Educational Sciences (2003)
The aim of the study is to examine the critical thinking levels of the students who attended Hacettepe University English Preparatory School in the academic year of 2002-2003. In this study, Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal Test, the information form and the English proficiency exam were used to collect data. The critical thinking appraisal test was administered to 300 students; however, only 193 students out of 300 returned their tests back. The data were analyzed through SPSS program. The results...
A study of science teachers homework practices
Taş, Yasemin; Sungur, Semra; Öztekin, Ceren (2014-01-01)
This study investigates Turkish middle school science teachers' homework practices, the value teachers attach to homework and teachers' communication with parents about homework. One hundred and sixty-eight teachers completed surveys. Teachers reported to assign homework frequently: 93.4 per cent of the teachers reported that they assign homework either once a week or at the end of every class. Problem solving and doing research on a topic were the most commonly assigned homework types, while making summari...
A Study on Students' Algebraic Reasoning Regarding Pattern Generalization: The Case of Turkey.
Özel, Zeynep; Işıksal Bostan, Mine; Sitrava, Reyhan Tekin (2018-09-03)
A Comparative study of discontent with modernity and modernization in the novels of A. L. Huxley and A. H. Tanpınar
Kaya, Hilal; Öztabak Avcı, Elif; Department of English Literature (2014)
The aim of this dissertation is to explore Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar’s philosophical and fictional engagement with Aldous Leonard Huxley in relation to the issues of modernity and modernization. Being attentive to the cultural specificities informing the work of each writer, this project has set out to find to what extent Tanpınar adopts, revises and/or contests Huxley’s attitude towards modernity and modernization in his novels. This dissertation argues that Huxley and Tanpınar make a criticism of the understan...
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S. Saltık, “A Study of error analysis in the essays of freshman students at the Middle East Technical University,” Middle East Technical University, 1997.