Microstructural characterization of isothermally heat treated steels by ultrasonics.

Tuncer, Burak Orkun


Microstructural and mechanical characterization of duplex stainless steel grade 2205 joined by hybrid plasma and gas metal arc welding
Tolungüç, Burcu; Gür, Cemil Hakan; Gürbüz, Rıza; Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (2012)
In the present study, the applicability of the hybrid plasma arc welding, in which a keyhole is responsible of deep penetration and a filler wire electrode supplies a high deposition rate, was examined. The microstructural evolutions in grade 2205 duplex stainless steel plates joined by keyhole and melt-in techniques were investigated. The specimens obtained from welded plates having thickness of 8 mm were examined via optical and scanning electron microscopy. Metallographic investigations were supported by...
Microstructural investigation of SAE 1040 steel specimens by ultrasonic measurements
Gür, Cemil Hakan (British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT), 2005-07-01)
The aim of this study is to characterise the microstructures of the as-quenched and tempered SAE 1040 steel specimens by sound velocity and attenuation measurements. An initial heat treatment was applied to the specimens to obtain a uniform starting microstructure. Following 850 degrees C/0.5 h austenitisation and water-quenching of all specimens, a tempering process was applied at 200 degrees C and 600 degrees C for 2 h. Microstructures of the specimens were characterised first by metallography and hardnes...
Microstructural and mechanical characterization of metal active gas welded joint between cast iron and low carbon steel
Ertürk, Murat Tolga; Gürbüz, Rıza; Batıgün, Caner; Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (2011)
This study focuses on joining pearlitic ductile cast iron with low carbon steel by welding and investigation of this joint in microstructural and mechanical viewpoints. For this purpose E355 steel and GJS600-3 cast iron were joined using metal active gas (MAG) welding process by G3Si1 filler wire. The joining process is shaped mainly by the problems related to the low weldability of cast. Preheating was applied to prevent formation of cooling cracks and effects of post weld heat treatments (PWHT) were surve...
Microstructure characterization of heat-treated ferromagnetic steels by magnetic barkhausen noise method
Gür, Cemil Hakan (2019-01-01)
This paper presents non-destructive evaluation of microstructures of heat treated steels by the Magnetic Barkhausen Noise (MBN) method. Various steel specimens having different microstructures were produced by appropriate heat treatments. All specimens were characterized by metallographic examinations, hardness and MBN measurements. The results showed that MBN parameters are highly sensitive to the variations in the microstructure, and this method is a promising candidate for practical non-destructive chara...
Microstructural characterization and tensile properties of hot pressed Al-SiC composites prepared from pure Al and Cu powders
Ögel, Bilgehan; Gürbüz, Rıza (2001-03-31)
A conventional hot pressing method was used to produce Al-Cu-SiC particulate metal matrix composites. The matrix alloy was prepared from elemental powders of Al and 5 wt.% Cu. The composite comprises 13.3 or 27.2 vol.% SiCp with an average size of 10 mum. The powder mixtures were hot pressed uniaxially under nitrogen atmosphere. It is shown that Cu aids in the Formation of a liquid phase. Practically pore free structures are obtained after pressing at 600 degreesC, Elastic modulus, tensile strength and yiel...
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B. O. Tuncer, “Microstructural characterization of isothermally heat treated steels by ultrasonics.,” Middle East Technical University, 2002.