A suggested English Language teaching program for Gülhane Military Medical Academy

Sarı, Rahim
The purpose of this study is to evaluate the English teaching program at Gülhane Military Medical Faculty and suggest a new program based on the Monitor Model. The study, as an example of a systematic study of a language program and that of a proposed syllabus, is expected to aid the practice of English Language Teaching in Turkey. The data sources were 230 students, 25 doctors and 7 teachers. The data analysis showed that students do not like the contents of the course books. Students reported speaking and reading as priority skills. To understand and translate medical material, to get an overseas assignment, to talk to foreigners and to follow lectures were the common language-related goals. Students̕, institution̕s and doctors̕ needs and goals and available resources were surveyed and a new second language teaching program was suggested for Phase 1. A general curriculum model and a program design model were also suggested together with the syllabuses for Phase 1. In the suggested program, grammar, writing and other conscious learning activities are separated from comprehension or (subconscious) acquisition-based activities. The suggested design has three topic-based syllabuses organized in modular format for three levels: Advanced, intermediate and elementary. For the majority advanced level classes new materials need to be developed and for elementary and intermediate levels new course books are suggested. A sample module was prepared, piloted and the results are discussed. The piloted module was found better than the previous form of the lessons both by the students and the teachers.


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R. Sarı, “A suggested English Language teaching program for Gülhane Military Medical Academy,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2003.