Students' perceptions about online assessment : a case study

Şanlı, Refik
For many reasons, the use of computer based of assessment is increasing. Although there is an increasing usage of computer based exams, there are not enough researches about student perception towards online assessment in general and perception of students towards categorized fields of online assessment systems. To figure out the students' perceptions of online assessment an exam web site has been developed and implemented. This web site is a database driven web site and containing multiple choice questions. This online assessment site used as assessment module of "Masaüstü Yayıncılık" course given by Department of Computer Education, Kocaeli University. The perceptions of the students' towards online assessment have been evaluated in terms of User interface, Impacts on learning process, System usage and general opinions on online assessment. The aim of the study is to investigate students' perceptions of the use of CAA and to investigate the potential for using student feedback in the validation of assessment. The results indicated that students have positive attitudes against online assessment. Results of questionnaires showed that user interface of the assessment web site is proper and well designed but need to be further development. The system use of the web site is easy. The impacts of the learning progress of the web site are sufficient but assessment web site should be developed by enriching the system components meeting the student needs. Security should be ensured.


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R. Şanlı, “ Students’ perceptions about online assessment : a case study,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2003.