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Synthesis and characterization of aluminoborophosphate compounds by hydrothermal and solid-state methods

Karabıçak, Seher
The hydrothermal and solid state methods were used in the synthesis of some aluminoborophosphate compounds. The products were investigated by using XRD, IR, DTA, DSC, ICP and SEM methods. The solid state reactions have been studied in the range 700 ا 1200?C. Using several hydrothermal methods a novel aluminum phosphate compound Al3-xBxP3O12 was synthesized. The crystal system was found to be tetragonal with a=17.1629 and c = 12.6084A° unit cell parameters and space group is P4212 (No:90). In anorthite mineral (CaAl2Si2O8) by replacing two silicon with boron and phosphorus, a boron containing anorthite with the formula of CaAl2BPO8 was prepared. The indexed data was reported for the first time in this thesis. Its crystal system was found to be monoclinic with the following unit cell parameters and β angle; a=10.0440Å, b = 12.6587 Å, c = 14.4332 Å and β = 91.55°. In this study, AlPO4.xH2O was also obtained by a hydrothermal method while trying to synthesize AlBP4O13. All the prepared compounds have been investigated by IR spectroscopy and the assignment of the functional B-O and P-O groups were done.