A software for analysis and design optimization of switched reluctance motor

Yalçıner, Levent Burak
In this study, development of software, which can analyze and optimize an SRM by accurately calculating its performance, is aimed. Existing methods in the literature are investigated. Some studies for the calculation of performance use 2D field solutions and are known to be accurate; however, using field solutions is not feasible for the optimization purpose. So, a method based on a set of normalized permeance and force data are chosen for prediction of magnetizing characteristics. Selected methods are programmed into the software with a user friendly interface. The results from the software are compared with test results from an existing motor. It is found that the accuracy of the predictions is not acceptable if the effect of end winding leakage flux is not accounted for. An approach is proposed for accounting the end winding leakage. The software is modified accordingly. In this case, the results obtained are found to have good accuracy, compared with measurements. The SR motor design optimization problem is treated as a constrained wieght optimization problem. This problem is converted to an unconstrained optimization problem, by using the Augmented Lagrangian method. To decrease the computation time of some of the performance calculation algorithms, some modifications are made. These are described in the related sections. The derivatives for the optimization process are numerically calculated. The accuracy of the performance calculation is once again verified against test results at this stage. The optimization software is then used to optimize the design of an SR motor for a washing machine application. The results obtained are discussed.
Citation Formats
L. B. Yalçıner, “A software for analysis and design optimization of switched reluctance motor,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.