Development of a tool for web based control engineering education

Ciğeroğlu, Hüseyin
It is obvious that learning is more productive with visual mediums and simulations. Especially in technical subjects, this approach is more important. Visual modification of parameters in a control system provides many benefits both in analyzing the system and in learning process. Additionally if this material is published on the internet, students can reach anywhere anytime to this material. This thesis describes a Web-based system developed for control engineering education for both the instructor and the student. The system will generate learning material according to the instructor̕s requests. Instructors will design the system and define the borders to help students to learn rapidly the subject of the lesson. They will decide on the functions and which variables can be played with and present them to the students. This work will help the students that take the basic courses of control engineering. Students will interactively experiment with the system. They will see the effect by changing the variables via sliders of certain functions (e.g. step, bode, root locus...). The system is developed with the programming language JAVA to run over the internet and to be platform independent.
Citation Formats
H. Ciğeroğlu, “Development of a tool for web based control engineering education,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.