Design and anaylsis of transfer aligment algorithms

Yüksel, Yiğiter
Transfer Alignment is the process of simultaneously initializing and calibrating a weapon inertial navigation system (INS) using data from host aircraft̕s navigation system. In general, this process is accomplished by calculating the difference of navigation solutions between aircraft and weapon INSs to form observations which are then used in a Kalman filter to generate desired estimates. Numerous techniques about the problem of transfer alignment exist in the literature. In this thesis, those techniques that can be applied in the presence of elastic motion of aircraft wing were analyzed. Several transfer alignment algorithms each of which process different measurement types were designed and implemented. In order to evaluate the performance of implemented algorithms under realistic conditions, a transfer alignment simulation environment was developed. Using this simulation environment, the advantages and disadvantages of each algorithm were analyzed and the dependence of transfer alignment performance on Kalman filter system model, aircraft maneuvers and alignment duration were investigated.
Citation Formats
Y. Yüksel, “Design and anaylsis of transfer aligment algorithms,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2005.