Urbanization and social thought in Turkey

Özaksoy, Gonca
Each social thought has reflection in space. Especially, the urban space becomes the transformer for these thoughts; ideologies. Material activities and the ideological concepts of social processes are related to space. In fact, they need to be embodied within the very dynamics of space. To see the effects of ideologies within urban space, there is a need for analyzing the urbanization in terms of social thought Therefore, in order to understand social phenomena, it is also important to conceive their spatial determinations, and their reflection in the urban space. Related to this thought, in this study the relationship between the social thought and the urban space is examined. Accordingly, the opinions of experts in Turkey are examined throughout the concept of the study. By using the technique of depth-interview, academicians̕ evaluations are gathered.
Citation Formats
G. Özaksoy, “Urbanization and social thought in Turkey,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2005.