An İnvestigation of the teaching-learning process based on multiple intelligence theory in a high school biology course

Presley, Arzu İrfan
This study sought to investigate the effects of multiple intelligences based instruction (MIBI) and learning styles on ninth graders̕ attitudes toward biology, biology achievement, and overall multiple intelligences. This experimental research was conducted in the second term of 2002-2003 educational year in Ereğli high school. The sample involved in the study consisted of 64 students from the two different ninth grade classes taught by the same teacher. One class was assigned as the experimental group in which students were exposed to MIBI, whereas the other class was assigned as the control group in which students were exposed to traditional instruction in the unit of diversity and classification of living organisms. The data were obtained from attitudes toward biology scale, unit achievement test, multiple intelligences and Kolb̕s learning style inventories, interviews with the students and the teacher, and observations in the experimental classroom during the treatment. Multivariate Analysis of Covariance was used for the quantitative data obtained from measuring tools. Results indicated that there was a significant effect of MIBI on students̕ attitudes toward biology and biology achievement, but there was not any significant effect of MIBI on students̕ overall multiple intelligences. In addition, there was not any significant effect of the students̕ learning styles on their attitudes toward biology, biology achievement, or overall multiple intelligences. Moreover, interpretations of the interviews with the students and the teacher, and the observations of the experimental classroom indicated that MIBI had positive contributions on teaching and learning process.


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A. İ. Presley, “An İnvestigation of the teaching-learning process based on multiple intelligence theory in a high school biology course,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2005.