Design of smart controllers for hybrid electric vehicles

Özen, Ekin
This thesis focuses on the feasibility of designing a commercial hybrid electric vehicle (HEV). In this work, relevant system models are developed for the vehicle including powertrain, braking system, electrical machines and battery. Based on these models ten different HEV configurations are assembled for detailed assessment of fuel consumption. This thesis also proposes a smart power management strategy which could be applied to any kind of HEV configuration. The suggested expert system deals with the external information about the driving conditions and modes of the driver as well as the internal states of the internal combustion engine efficiency and the state of charge of the battery, and decides on the power distribution between two different power supplies based on the predefined algorithms. The study illustrates the characteristics of the powertrain components for various HEV configurations. The work also shows the power flow of HEV configurations with the developed smart power management system and therefore, the effectiveness of power management strategies has been evaluated in detail.


Steering of redundant robotic manipulators and spacecraft integrated power and attitude control-control moment gyroscopes
Altay, Alkan; Tekinalp, Ozan; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2005)
In this thesis, recently developed Blended Inverse (B-inverse) steering law is applied to two different redundant actuator systems. First, repeatability of Binverse is demonstrated on a redundant robotic manipulator. Its singularity avoidance and singularity transition performance is also demonstrated on the same actuator system. It is shown that B-inverse steering law provides singularity avoidance, singularity transition and repeatability. Second, its effectiveness is demonstrated for an Integrated Power ...
National patterns of research output and priorities in renewable energy
Uzun, A (2002-01-01)
This paper attempts to compare the research Output and priorities of 25 major Countries in renewable energy research. The main objective is to assess the research priorities of the major countries in frontier areas subjects of renewable energy using some bibliometric measures based on renewable energy literature. Subjects of high activity and Subjects of low activity are identified for two time periods ( 1996-1997 and 1998 1999). Our findings, show that the output of publications including articles. reviews...
Integration of Generative Research and Sustainability into the Product Design and Development Process
Turhan, Senem; Doğan, Çağla (null; 2012-07-05)
To explore the relationships between the generative research and design for sustainability at the idea generation phase of the design process, a design research method that emerges from generative research approach “Experience Reflection Modeling” (ERM) has been developed and integrated into a design for sustainability project within the context of design education in the Department of Industrial Design at the Middle East Technical University (METU). The ERM method brings together 3D modelling, interview an...
Stability Augmentation of a Semi-Autonomous Wheelchair
Ayık, H. Müjde; Özgören, Mustafa Kemal; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2004)
In this thesis, the dynamic modeling of a wheelchair-human system is performed, and the effects of steering action and sudden slope changes along the path on the system stability are analyzed for different road and driving conditions. For the cases where the wheelchair system is unstable three methods are proposed for stability augmentation. This study is performed to improve the stability of the wheelchair system under varying road conditions so as to increase the limit of independency for wheelchair users...
Comparison of conventional deep drawing, hydromechanical deep-drawing and high pressure sheet metal forming by numerical experiments
Onder, IE; Tekkaya, AE (2005-08-19)
Increasing use of new technologies in automotive and aircraft applications requires intensive research and developments on sheet metal forming processes. This study focuses on the assessment of sheet hydroforming, hydromechanical deep drawing and conventional deep-drawing processes by performing a systematic analysis by numerical simulations. Circular, elliptic, rectangular and square cross-section cups have been selected for the geometry spectrum. Within the range of each cross section, depth, drawing rati...
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E. Özen, “Design of smart controllers for hybrid electric vehicles,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2005.