Conceptual internal design and computational fluid dynamics analysis of a supersonic inlet

Alemdaroğlu, Mine
In this thesis, the conceptual internal design of the air inlet of a supersonic, high altitude, solid propellant ramjet cruise missile is performed. Inviscid, compressible CFD analysis of the designed inlet is made in order to obtain qualitative and quantitative performance characteristics of the inlet at different operating conditions. The conceptual design of the inlet is realized by using analytical relations and equations, correlations derived from numerous available past experimental data and state-of-the-art design examples. The performance estimation of the designed inlet at different operating conditions is done by using one and two dimensional gas dynamics equations. The results of the performance estimation study are compared with the results of the CFD analysis and these results are discussed in detail. A commercial tool, CFD-FASTRANÒ, is used for the CFD analysis. Inlet flow phenomena such as, different shock patterns and shock positions, performance degradation at off-design operating conditions and inlet unstart are observed. Keywords: Supersonic Inlet, Ramjet, CFD, Inlet Performance Characteristics, Operating Conditions, Unstart