Design of a slotted waveguide array antenna and its feed system

Top, Can Barış
Slotted waveguide array (SWGA) antennas find application in systems which require planarity, low profile, high power handling capabilities such as radars. In this thesis, a planar, low sidelobe, phased array antenna, capable of electronically beam scanning in E-plane is designed, manufactured and measured. In the design, slot characterization is done with HFSS and by measurements, and mutual coupling between slots are calculated analytically. A MATLAB code is developed for the synthesis of the SWGA antenna. Grating lobe problem in the scanning array, which is caused by the slot positions, is solved using baffles on the array. A high power feeding section for the planar array, having an amplitude tapering to get low sidelobes is also designed using a corrugated E-plane sectoral horn. The power divider is designed analytically, and simulated and optimized with HFSS.
Citation Formats
C. B. Top, “Design of a slotted waveguide array antenna and its feed system,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2006.