Cepstral deconvolution method for measurement of absorption and scattering coefficients of materials

Aslan, Gökhan
Several methods are developed to measure absorption and scattering coefficients of materials. In this study, a new method based on cepstral deconvolution technique is proposed. A reverberation room method standardized recently by ISO (ISO 17497-1) is taken as the reference for measurements. Several measurements were conducted in a physically scaled reverberation room and results are evaluated according to these two methods, namely, the method given in the standard and cepstral deconvolution method. Two methods differ from each other in the estimation of specular parts of room impulse responses essential for determination of scattering coefficients. In the standard method, specular part is found by synchronous averaging of impulse responses. However, cepstral deconvolution method utilizes cepstral analysis to obtain the specular part instead of averaging. Results obtained by both of these two approaches are compared for five different test materials. Both of the methods gave almost same values for absorption coefficients. On the other hand, lower scattering coefficient values have been obtained for cepstral deconvolution with respect to the ISO method.