A novel modeling methodology and performance improvement technique for DMTL phase shifters

İstanbulluoğlu, İpek
This thesis presents distributed MEMS transmission line (DMTL) phase shifters, emphasizing the circuit modeling and design as well as the performance improvement. A novel modeling methodology is introduced for DMTL unit sections, with bridge widths larger than 50 μm. The introduced model is compared with EM simulation results and the CLR modeling results. For structures with bridge widths larger than 50 μm, the introduced model fits the simulation results much better than the CLR model. The simulated structures are fabricated in METU micro-electronics facilities on glass substrates using gold structural layers. 1-20 GHz S-parameter measurement results of various DMTL structures are compared with the introduced model. It is observed that the S-parameters match except for a scaling need in the insertion loss. The measurement results give 2 dB insertion and 15 dB isolation at 20 GHz. The ABCD parameters of the introduced model are converted into S-parameters. Loss and the phase shift of the DMTL structures are expressed in terms of these S-parameters. These expressions are re-written as MATLAB code, from which the phase shift/loss (degree/dB) performance is evaluated. Therefore degree/dB plots with respect to bridge widths and center CPW conductor widths are obtained. From these plots the optimum DMTL phase shifters, which give maximum phase shift for minimum loss are determined for a pre-defined DMTL structure. To increase the degree/dB performance of a DMTL phase shifter, a change in the geometry of the DMTL phase shifters is proposed. The geometry change is based on inserting an open-ended stub through the signal line and connecting one side of the stub to the bridge. By this way, the stub capacitance is added to the shunt capacitance of the bridge satisfying a larger phase shift. The simulations point out a performance of 217 degree/dB at 20 GHz with a 15 % change in the 25 μm wide bridge height ratio.
Citation Formats
İ. İstanbulluoğlu, “A novel modeling methodology and performance improvement technique for DMTL phase shifters,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2006.