3D face reconstruction using stereo vision

Dikmen, Mehmet
3D face modeling is currently a popular area in Computer Graphics and Computer Vision. Many techniques have been introduced for this purpose, such as using one or more cameras, 3D scanners, and many other systems of sophisticated hardware with related software. But the main goal is to find a good balance between visual reality and the cost of the system. In this thesis, reconstruction of a 3D human face from a pair of stereo cameras is studied. Unlike many other systems, facial feature points are obtained automatically from two photographs with the help of a dot pattern projected on the object’s face. It is seen that using projection pattern also provided enough feature points to derive 3D face roughly. These points are then used to fit a generic face mesh for a more realistic model. To cover this 3D model, a single texture image is generated from the initial stereo photographs.
Citation Formats
M. Dikmen, “3D face reconstruction using stereo vision,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2006.