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Effects of 5 week nordic hamstring strength training on 10-12 years old male basketball players

Tansel, Rıfat Baran
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of Nordic hamstring strength training (NHST) program on (1) leg power, (2) vertical jump, (3) and knee proprioception measurements of 10-12 years old male basketball players. Nordic Hamstring Strength Training (NHST) group (N=16), participated in basketball training plus in Nordic hamstring strength training, while the control group (N=11) participated in basketball training only. Subjects were tested before and after 5-week training program for, vertical jump, isokinetic leg strength and knee proprioception. Each subject who agreed to participate in this investigation signed a consent form along their parent. Pre and post test differences between experimental and control group was investigated by MANOVA and paired sample t-test was used to evaluate the differences between pre and post tests of both groups. There was no significant difference in pre and post test results of NHST and control group. There were statistically significant increase in concentric quadriceps and hamstring strength, eccentric quadriceps strength, conventional H:Q strength ratio, and vertical jumping measurements in experimental group between the pre and post tests. It can be concluded that NHST program combine with basketball training has beneficial effects on the leg strength and H:Q strength ratio. These findings also suggest that hamstring exercise may be beneficial or helpful for preventing the hamstring injury occurrence and improving the physical performances such as jumping ability.