Multiagent moving target search in fully visible grid environments with no speed difference

Eroğul, Can
In this thesis, a new real-time multi-agent moving target pursuit algorithm and a moving target algorithm are developed and implemented. The environment is a grid world, in which a coordinated team of agents cooperatively blocks the possible escape routes of an intelligent target in real-time. Most of the moving target search algorithms presume that the agents are faster than the targets, so the pursuit is sure to end in favor of the agents. In this work, we relax this assumption and assume that all the moving objects have the same speed. This means that the agents must find a new approach for success in the pursuit, other than just chasing the targets. When the search agents and the moving targets are moving with the same speed, we need more than one search agent which can coordinate with the other agents to capture the target. Agents are allowed to communicate with each other. We propose a multi-agent search algorithm for this problem. To our best knowledge, there is no alternative algorithm designed based on these assumptions. The proposed algorithm is compared to the modified versions of its counterparts (A*, MTS and its derivatives) experimentally.
Citation Formats
C. Eroğul, “Multiagent moving target search in fully visible grid environments with no speed difference,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2006.