Design improvements on mixed flow pumps by means of computational fluid dynamics

Özgen, Onur
The demand on high efficiency pumps leads the manufacturers to develop new design and manufacturing techniques for rotodynamic pumps. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software are started to be used during the design periods for this reason in order to validate the designs before the pumps are produced. However the integration process of CFD software into the design procedure should be made carefully in order to improve the designs. In this thesis, the CFD software is aimed to be integrated into the pump design procedure. In this frame, a vertical turbine type mixed flow pump is aimed to be designed and design improvements are intended to be made by applying numerical experimentations on the pump. The pump that is designed in this study can deliver 115 l/s flow rate against the head of 16 mWC in 2900 rpm. The effects of various parameters in the design are investigated by the help of CFD software during the design and best performance characteristics of the pump are aimed to be reached. The pump that is designed in this study is manufactured and tested in Layne Bowler Pumps Company Inc. The design point of the pump is reached within the tolerance limits given in the related standard. In addition, the results of actual test and numerical experimentation are compared and found to be in agreement with each other. The integration of CFD code to the design procedure is found quite useful by means of shortening design periods, lowering manufacturing and testing costs. In deed the effects of the design parameters are understood better by applying numerical experimentations to the designed pump.
Citation Formats
O. Özgen, “Design improvements on mixed flow pumps by means of computational fluid dynamics,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2006.