Novel position measurement and estimation methods for CNC machine systems

Kılıç, Ergin
Precision control of translational motion is vital for many CNC machine tools as the motion of the machinery affects the dimensional tolerance of the manufactured goods. However, the direct measurement along with the accurate motion control of machine usually requires relatively expensive sensors i.e. potentiometers, linear scales, laser interferometers. Hence, this study attempts to develop reference models utilizing low-cost sensors (i.e. rotary encoders) for accurate position estimation. First, an indirect measurement performance is investigated on a Timing Belt driven carriage by a DC Motor with a backlash included Gearbox head. An advanced interpolated technique is proposed to compensate the position errors while using indirect measurement to reduce the total cost. Then, a similar study was realized with a ball screw driven system. Next, a cable drum driven measurement technique is proposed to the machines which have long travel distance like plasma cutters. A test setup is proposed and manufactured to investigate the capstan drive systems. Finally, characteristics of Optical Mouse Sensors are investigated from different point of views and a test setup is proposed and manufactured to evaluate their performances in long terms. Beside all of these parts, motion control algorithms and motion control integrated circuits are designed and manufactured to realize experimental studies in a detailed manner.
Citation Formats
E. Kılıç, “Novel position measurement and estimation methods for CNC machine systems,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2007.