A video tracker system for traffic monitoring and analysis

Ocaklı, Mehmet
In this study, a video tracker system for traffic monitoring and analysis is developed. This system is able to detect and track vehicles as they move through the camera’s field of view. This provides to perform traffic analysis about the scene, which can be used to optimize traffic flows and identify potential accidents. The scene inspected in this study is assumed stationary to achieve high performance solution to the problem. This assumption provides to detect moving objects more accurately, as well as ability of collecting a-priori information about the scene. A new algorithm is proposed to solve the multi-vehicle tracking problem that can deal with problems such as occlusion, short period object lost or inaccurate object detection. Two different tracking methods are used together in the developed tracking system, namely, the multi-model Kalman tracker and the Markov scene partition tracker. By the combination of these vehicle trackers with the developed occlusion reasoning approach, the continuity of the track is achieved for situations such as target loss and occlusion. The developed system is a system that collects a-priori information about the junction and then used it for scene modeling in order to increase the performance of the tracking system. The proposed system is implemented on real-world image sequences. The simulation results demonstrates that, the proposed multi-vehicle tracking system is capable of tracking a target in a complex environment and able to overcome occlusion and inaccurate detection problems as well as abrupt changes in its trajectory.


Evaluation of multi target tracking algorithms in the presence of clutter
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M. Ocaklı, “A video tracker system for traffic monitoring and analysis,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2007.