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Design and Implementation of a Microprocessor Based Data Collection and Interpretation System with Onboard Graphical Interface

Göksügür, Gökhan
This thesis reports the design and implementation of a microprocessor based interface unit of a navigation system. The interface unit is composed of a TFT display screen for graphical interface, a Controller Circuit for system control, a keypad interface for external data entrance to the system and a power interface circuit to provide interface between the battery of the navigation system and the Controller Circuit. This thesis reports high speed design of the Controller Circuit and generation of system functions. Main functions of the interface unit are communicating with navigation computer and providing a graphical interface to the driver of the vehicle containing the navigation system. Communication and graphical data preparation functions are implemented through the use of a microprocessor. Driver function of TFT display is implemented through the use of a Field Programmable Gate Array, which is programmed using the Very High Speed IC Description Language (VHDL). Keywords: Navigation System, Interface Unit, Controller Circuit, Image Generation