Finite element investigation of mechanical interaction of dental implants with bone

Eser, Atılım
During the last years, biomechaniccs, the understanding of the very complex mechanical behavior of living tissue, becomes a very important field of research of the wide bravch of mechanichs. Thia study is very important, for instance , to improve the design of implants, with the important social and economical impact. one of important challenges in implant design is to model the complex material behavior of the bone. Remodeling of the bone due to the lodaing is one of the essential behaviors of the bone which can cause for the dental implants, marginal bone loss accuring particallary in the first years of function. On the other hand the finite element method(FEM) has become the most extended tool for engineers to analyse the mechanical behavior of the products which usualy have a complex material behavior and complicated geometries. The aim of this study is to model the remodeling behavior of the bone using FEM and to use the new bone material method to evaluate the implant performance for some commercial implants, taking account of the bone adaptation.