Ankara, 1923-1950: the socio-spatial manifestation of republican will

Tak, Ahmet
The social, cultural, aesthetic, and spatial aspects of the urban transformation in its specific relationship with a certain ideology is examined in the study. Ankara, as the capital city of a new state, is regarded as a materialized reflection of the modernization program of the Kemalist ideology which defined the main foundations of the Republic and shaped its formation. The formation process of Ankara is tried to be understood in a historical deepness. Therefore, in order to comprehend the nature of the social transformation, in a historical context, Istanbul is taken into consideration as a model for the traditional Ottoman city because it had represented the Ottoman urban ideals with its social, cultural and aesthetic aspects. From the Ottoman period to the Republican, the structural transformation of the cities is tried to be studied with referring to a notion of crisis which has covered the cultural area. Ankara had been the most important place where the endeavors of the Republican elite to build a nation and to create a national culture and identity had became manifest explicitly and in the most pure form. Therefore, the creation process of Ankara presents us an important exemple to understand social and cultural dimensions of the Turkish modernization in the Republican period. In the context of Ankara, the process of establishing a modern and national high culture and identity in the tensions between modernity and traditionalism and its consequences are examined in the study.


A Critical and methodological assessment of Zafer Toprak’s historical studies
Yılmaz, Tülay; Ergut, Ferdan; Department of History (2017)
The main goal of this study is to examine Zafer Toprak’s methodological approach to historical studies. Toprak’s work has influenced many areas of academic disciplines such as economic and social history writing. His studies focused especially on the modernization era and the Republican period of Turkey. He stands apart from historians who came before him in respect to his approach toward social and economic life of the late Ottoman era and the early Republican period. His studies on the period of CUP (Comm...
Ankara kent merkezinde toplumsal tabakalaşma, Hareketlilik ve sosyo-ekonomik statü araştırması
Kalaycıoğlu, Sibel H.; Kardam, Filiz; Tılıç, Helga Rıttersberger; Çelik, Kezban; Türkyılmaz, Sinan A.(2008)
Bu çalışma; Ankara Kent Merkezinde temsili bir örneklem üzerinde toplumsal tabakalar ve toplumsal hareketliliğin dinamiklerini araştırmıştır. Araştırmanın amacı, farklı toplumsal tabakalara özgü sosyal ve ekonomik özelliklerin belirlenmesi ile toplumsal tabakaları belirlemede kullanılabilecek bir ölçüm aracı geliştirmektir. Araştırma kapsamında 1769 haneye (belirlenen örneklemin %73.7) ulaşılarak bu hanelerde yaşayan 6289 kişinin bilgisi toplanmıştır. Ayrıca hanelerden özel bir teknik ...
Investigating modern industrial heritage through value based mapping of Zonguldak central scrubber area
Can, Nilay Nida; Akkar Ercan, Z. Müge.; Urban Design in City and Regional Planning Department (2019)
With the effect of industrialization, modernism has become a movement that transformed social lifestyle and manufacturing types concerning both urban, architecture, and socio-economic relations. Nevertheless, produced spaces of modernism, particularly industrial buildings, have been abandoned and become idle in conjunction with changing economic and social relations in industrial cities like Zonguldak. On the other hand, modern industrial buildings as a production space exhibit social, spatial, and socio-ec...
A proposal for preservation and rehabilitation of Yeni Galle Pazari Hani (former Ali Paşa Kervansarayi) and its immediate surrounding in Bursa
Çakıcı, Sermin; Madran, Emre; Restoration in Department of Architecture (2008)
The theme of the thesis is the influence of the urban development activities on the historic commercial areas. Hence, the thesis focuses on the evaluation of these factors which cause alterations and transformations within the area and aims to propose compatible solutions against the problems in order to achieve the sustainability of the historic texture within the commercial area. In this thesis, Yeni Galle Pazarı Hanı,, one of the 16th century Ottoman Hans in the Hanlar District of Bursa, is studied toget...
Experiences of social exclusion of the youth living in Altındağ, Ankara
Aksungur, Umut; Kalaycıoğlu, Hediye Sibel; Department of Sociology (2006)
In this thesis, the aim is to understand social exclusion of urban youth living in Altındağ, one of the most disadvantaged districts of Ankara. In this study, social exclusion is accepted as a process of long term non-participation in the economic, civic, and social spheres which integrate the society in which an individual lives. Therefore, the definition of social exclusion centered on the notion of ‘lack of integration’ is accepted as a background of the study. In this respect, social exclusion is accept...
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A. Tak, “Ankara, 1923-1950: the socio-spatial manifestation of republican will,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2007.