A proposal for preservation and rehabilitation of Yeni Galle Pazari Hani (former Ali Paşa Kervansarayi) and its immediate surrounding in Bursa

Çakıcı, Sermin
The theme of the thesis is the influence of the urban development activities on the historic commercial areas. Hence, the thesis focuses on the evaluation of these factors which cause alterations and transformations within the area and aims to propose compatible solutions against the problems in order to achieve the sustainability of the historic texture within the commercial area. In this thesis, Yeni Galle Pazarı Hanı,, one of the 16th century Ottoman Hans in the Hanlar District of Bursa, is studied together with its immediate surrounding. In order to define necessities and requirements of a transformed historic commercial area, it is aimed to conduct research, analysis, and decision stages concerning the studied area. For this purpose, the values, the problems and the potentials of the study area are defined and alternative conservation solutions are proposed. It is also aimed to present the principles and decisions on the preservation and rehabilitation of the study area, called as ‘Yeni Galle Pazarı Hanı and its immediate surrounding’, in environmental scale. Therefore, the main aim of the thesis is to determine the principles and the tools of an urban conservation project within the context of environmental scale and to re-gain the unity of Yeni Galle Pazarı Hanı as much as possible by integrating it into the current atmosphere of Hanlar District in Bursa together with the traditional texture surrounding it. In this study, the insufficiency observed in preparatory stages of most of current restoration projects was emphasized. Hence, before intervention of such kind of traditional areas, it is aimed to take care of documentation, to make a comprehensive study on unobserved parts of traditional texture such as archeological excavation, and to form a worksheet containing principles and decisions for future studies that would be done under various disciplines. The proposal for the case of Yeni Galle Pazarı Hanı is significant as being composed of documentation, observation and decision parts of a proper intervention, although it can be accepted as an incomplete project, since being the first step of a comprehensive restoration project for the study area. In conclusion, this study exemplifies the documentation and the evaluation of the transformation in a historic commercial area and the suggestion to solve the general problems among the Historical Commercial Center of the cities by taking decisions on conservation and rehabilitation for the sustainability of the study area.


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S. Çakıcı, “A proposal for preservation and rehabilitation of Yeni Galle Pazari Hani (former Ali Paşa Kervansarayi) and its immediate surrounding in Bursa,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2008.