Ethnic ıdentity and social distance in Ankara

Altunsu, Lütfi
The purpose of this study is to investigate perceived group identity and the differences between select ethnic groups as well as the perceived distance and discrimination experienced by these groups from the other ethnic groups. Using the conceptual framework provided by Constructionist Theory of ethnicity and subjectivist approaches to ethnicity, as well as the theoretical insights of Symbolic Interactionism, this study explores the individual and ethnic identity, images and perceptions of the other groups, discrimination or feeling discriminated by the others, social distance between the groups, commonly shared traits among the groups, ethnic relations and interactions among the groups, and finally the future of the intergroup relations. These problem areas of the thesis are explored conducting a survey questionnaire applied to 252 people, chosen on the basis of purposive sampling, and 20 in-depth interviews in Ankara. It is found out that the ethnic identities are not salient characteristics of the members of the ethnic categories and determining factor in intergroup relations in Ankara.
Citation Formats
L. Altunsu, “Ethnic ıdentity and social distance in Ankara,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2007.