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Synthesis of novel chiral thiourea derivatives and their applications, synthesis of some hdac inhibitors, addition of acyl phosphonates to ethylcyanoformate

Sağlam, Gülüzar
The thiourea derivatives have become a main focus of research in asymmetric synthesis as an organocatalyst in recent years. In the first part, the thiourea catalysts are synthesized starting from easily available L-tartaric acid and application of the catalysts to some addition reactions showed no significant asymmetric induction. A number of HDAC inhibitors have been developed as anti-cancer agent at the present time.In the second part, some aryl butenoic acid derivatives are synthesized as HDAC inhibitors starting from substituted benzaldehyde and pyruvic acid. The HDAC activity studies showed comparable results with known molecules. In the last part, some acyl phosphonates are synthesized and addition of ethylcyanoformate to acyl phosphonates furnished the products in good yields.