An examination of the legislative framework for supporting the renewable tariffs

Akca, Alper
Sustainability and environmental concerns are critical issues in energy sector. Limited availability of fossil resources, environmental pollution caused by the greenhouse gases emitted as a result of fossil fuel usage and safety issues of nuclear power plants cause the seek of new resources in energy industry. Renewable energy sources emerge as the alternative energy resources for the industry. The unlimited availability of most of the renewable resources meets the sustainability needs in the energy sector. Energy generation from renewable resources causes low greenhouse gas emissions, which eliminates the environmental concerns. Moreover, use of renewable resources does not involve risks like radioactive emissions. Despite all these factors, renewable energy resources are not competitive yet. The cost of energy generation from renewable resources is high compared to the cost of using conventional resources like coal for energy generation. This situation acts as a barrier for the development of renewable energy technologies and cost reduction. In order to bring renewable energy to a competitive level in the energy market, some supportive mechanisms have been developed and implemented in various countries. This thesis work examines the mechanisms in the EU, the USA and Turkey. An examination has been performed on the current laws and policies effective on renewable energy sector in Turkey. As a result of the examinations, recommendations have been made to improve the legislative framework for the promotion of renewable energy in Turkey.


Decarbonization of turkish public electricity sector: adopting sustainable energy portfolio
Şahin, Hasret; Soytaş, Uğur; Akınoğlu, Bülent Gültekin; Department of Earth System Science (2014)
Sustainable energy settles in the core of the economic activities since climate change issues have arisen. Decarbonization strategies of the electricity sector target to reach sustainable energy by liberalization movements. To adopt the sustainable energy portfolio similar to European Union ones’, Turkey took a step in decarbonization of the Turkish electricity sector by beginning with the public electricity sector. In this study, the decarbonization process of Turkish public electricity sector is projected...
A comparative study of biomass resources utilization for power generation and transportation in Pakistan
Zuberi, M. Jibran S.; Torkmahalleh, Mehdi A.; Ali, S. M. Hassan (2015-09-14)
Sustainable energy technologies increase energy security, bring environmental friendliness and now getting economically attractive with every single passing day. Specifically, biomass energy is a viable substitute to meet the trekking demands of energy in the Pakistani scenario. This study investigates the potential of three major biomass energy resources available in Pakistan: Livestock, Bagasse and Municipal Solid Waste for either power generation or sustainable transportation. These origins may yield up ...
Electricity market modeling using stochastic and robust optimization
Yıldırım, Miray Hanım; Wilhelm Weber, Gerhard; Türker Bayrak, Özlem; Department of Scientific Computing (2015)
Sustainable development relying on sustainable and renewable energy systems is becoming one of the major policies of many countries. This forces the policy makers to establish many reforms and revolutions, which evolve electricity markets into a more competitive form. The competitive environment results in surging electricity demand and supply that brings in a critical challenge: uncertainty. In this thesis, the uncertainties with respect to prices and demand in the market are explored by using stochastic p...
Comparison of various svc topologies and control strategies for heavy industry
Yalvaç, Erdinç; Ermiş, Muammer; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2009)
Power quality issues of heavy industry, especially iron and steel plants, require special solutions. High levels of harmonic currents, unbalanced operation and light flicker arising from rapid fluctuations of active and reactive power demands are common problems in these plants. Almost all of these plants in Turkey are equipped with modern Static Var Compensator (SVC) Systems. In this thesis, alternative control strategies and flicker compensation system topologies are investigated and evaluated based on re...
Smart grid applications and technologies in distribution systems
Pehlivanoğlu Gürbüz, Kübra; Sevaioğlu, Osman; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2019)
Smart grid control purposes to rise the percentage of energy production through alternative energy sources like renewable resources and to make consumers to be comprehended in grid actively, is realising importance day by day. Further to that it can help us employment opportunities and improving growth in addition to keep the power on at minimum cost to prosumers, while the participation is elucidated and enabled new products, service and markets, accommodating all generation and storage options and provide...
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A. Akca, “An examination of the legislative framework for supporting the renewable tariffs,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2008.