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Design and qualification of a semi-anechoic chamber and ınvestigation into noise characteristics of a vacuum vleaner

Kayhan, Cihan
In this study a centrifugal fan is studied for noise characteristics and measurements in a semi- anechoic room. A semi-anechoic room is constructed inside Fluid Mechanics Laboratory of Mechanical Engineering Department has been qualified with respect to ISO 3745 standard. The fan characteristic is obtained as proposed in AMCA standards 210-75, by simply measuring the voltage and current of the motor during operation and calculating the power consumption of the assembly. Noise measurements are taken using two microphones attached to a multi-channel data acquisition and processing system in the semi anechoic room. Several different configurations of the vacuum cleaner with some parts removed or replaced systematically are considered during the noise measurements. Some of the results showed that the damping material placed inside the motor cover is proved to be very effective in noise reduction. Two different damping materials are examined for comparative evaluation.