Phenylethynyl-bodipy oligomers: bright dyes and fluorescent building blocks

Çakmak, Yusuf
Supramolecular chemistry is an emerging field of chemistry which has attracted much attention in recent years as a result of its broad applicability in many areas. Thus, the design of functional supramolecular systems is strongly in demand in this field. For this purpose, we have developed novel phenylethynyl-BODIPY oligomer series which have absorption and emission maxima at the red part of the visible region of electromagnetic spectrum. Careful design to assemble the decyl groups to the system allowed us to dissolve the molecules in organic solvents easily. That`s why, not only we could characterize the molecules, but also spectroscopic and photopysical properties of them were investigated. As expected, as the number of repeating units “n” increase, peak absorption and emission wavelengths are shifted to the red end of the visible spectrum, with smaller increments as “n” increases. Consequently, these rigid rod like overall arrangement of oligomers could lead to applications as functional building blocks.
Citation Formats
Y. Çakmak, “Phenylethynyl-bodipy oligomers: bright dyes and fluorescent building blocks,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2008.